Things To Look For When Choosing Your Contractor

Once you’ve gone though the preliminaries and have your search narrowed down to a couple of contractors, here are some tips on things to look for when you first meet.

Are they good communicators?

Good communication is the key to a successful project. Do you feel like he will listen to your needs and concerns? Will he stay in touch with you concerning problems or possible questions? Does he answer your phone calls or return your messages promptly? These are all good indicators of how smoothly a job will go.

Do you feel comfortable with them?

You are going to be spending a lot of time with you contractor over the duration of your job. Your comfort level with this person is very important. Were they personable and give you a good feeling? Were they polite and courteous? Did they make you feel like your job was important to them?

Do you feel they are trustworthy?

Once you’ve checked their references, you need to listen to your conscience on this one. You will be trusting this person with your home. If you have doubts of whether you can trust them, its a good sign that you should probably go with another contractor.

Do they have a clean neat appearance?

A neat appearance is a good sign. The type of care a contractor takes of himself and his truck are good indicators of the importance they will place on having a clean job. If he won’t take the time to shave and put on clean clothes for your meeting, what do you think the chances are he will keep a spotless job site. Or if he duct tapes his broken truck window, do you think he will take the time to properly fix something in your home?

Are they flexible to your needs?

There is no one right way to every job. Each job comes with a certain set of circumstances that need to be considered. Is the contractor willing to work with your set of circumstances? Make sure you clarify your issues in the first meeting and how receptive that contractor is.