Common Misconceptions and Mistakes to Avoid

Choosing The Lowest Priced Contractor Saves You Money:

You should be careful choosing your builder or remodeler based on the lowest price. A contractor coming in with a much lower price than others could signal trouble ahead. You need to ask yourself if something is being left out or what type of shortcut may be taken.

I Can Do It Myself and Save Money:

Home building and, to a greater extent, remodeling are stressful, complicated endeavors. In larger projects there are literally millions of different aspects to deal with. What starts out as an attempt to save money can turn into a very costly fiasco. If you want to save yourself time, money, and lots of headaches, find a qualified professional you trust and let their experience and expertise guide you through the building process. It just makes sense.

Experience Equals Quality:

Just because someone has been in business for a lot of years doesn’t mean they will do quality work. Unfortunately, it’s common for people to receive poor workmanship from contractors who claim to have been in business for twenty years. The proof is in the pudding. Ask for at least three references and go see some of their work if possible.

Listening To The Wrong People:

Building a new home or remodeling is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lives. Why then would anyone trust the advice of a totally unqualified source? You would be surprised how many problems can occur by listening to the ideas of neighbors, friends, or coworkers that think they know construction. If you have an idea or a thought about improving your home, call a qualified professional to answer your questions.